OSS Compliance & Security


  • OSS Governance: Process Definition & Deployment

    Objective: OSS awareness, policy creation and OSS stakeholders organization.

  • OSS Auditing: Code Base lining, Obligations Management & Risk Mitigation

    Objective: OSS licensing compliance for each software release.

  • OSS Management Training & Coaching

    Objective: OSS training and coaching sessions for various development and management roles.

  • OSS Support & Documentation

    Objective: Provide access to OSS experts at any time for any questions or issues. And keep up-to-date risk assessment of OS SW usage in ASML

OSS Governance Process

Definition & Deployment

  • Setup OSS policy.
  • Setup OSS licensing scope.
  • Setup OSS influx management workflow (approvals & rejections).
  • Setup OSS roles and responsibilities.

OSS Auditing

Code Base lining, Obligations Management & Risk Mitigation

  • Scan source code for OSS components and snippets (weekly recommended)
  • Identify potential matches and associated licenses.
  • Review obligations.
  • Report compliance status for each software release and/or customized reporting.

OSS Management Training & Coaching

  • Class room training onsite for managers and developers.
  • Specific training on base lining and auditing.
  • Customized computer based training to roll-out OSS processes within the organization.

OSS Support & Documentation

  • Bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Security updates.
  • OSS licensing compliance.

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