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SeQuenX, with its headquarters based in the Netherlands, provides multinational companies with differentiating software products and consulting services. SeQuenX is staffed with individuals with a proven track record in providing technical consultancy, project management, product management, software development, software quality assurance and support services. We have presence in Europe (Netherlands & Bulgaria), USA (San Jose) and Asia (India) .

SeQuenX has worked closely with multinational companies which notably include Royal Dutch Shell, Microsoft, NXP Semiconductors, ASML, ING Bank, Google, HCL Technologies, Tomtom, Sega and BRION Technologies developing & testing software, providing expert software engineering service and advice on major development projects. SeQuenX has acquired unique knowledge and understanding of research and development (R&D) based IT environments, processes and constraints. We have been involved in the AGILE development of many desktop and web-based systems dealing with static and real-time data via our nearshore and offshore development centers. Additionally, we have experience in system modelling, design and analysis.

SeQuenX has an established software quality assurance and test automation capability. We also house expertise in source code quality management and 3rd party IP (FOSS and COTS) governance which have been exercised on a number of projects for various multinational companies. SeQuenX is using state-of-the-art cloud based infrastructure and architecture, but is also flexible to operate on its partner’s infrastructure.

SeQuenX BV is a NEN-4400-1 compliant company  and undergoes regular external audit cycles with SNA. We are also registered as a Recognized Sponsor for Highly Skilled Migrants (page 103) with the Dutch Immigration Authorities (IND).

SeQuenX BV is also a partner of the Linux OpenChain program where we support organizations integrate ISO/IEC 5230 OpenChain OSS governance into their supply chain processes with tooling to supplement where required. More on this.



  • Recruitment Division Setup
  • Full Remote Deployment COVID-19
  • Revenue > EUR 2 Million
  • Professional Consulting & (International Placements)
  • Revenue > EUR 1.5 Million
  • Expansion of Resource Pool -Code, Deployment, Testing Services 
  • Services Expansion into USA
  • Talent Management & SkillPool Development
  • Revenue crosses EUR 1 Million
  • Services Expansion: Western Europe
  • IND Recognized Sponsorship
  • Revenue > EUR 500K
  • Founded in August 2016
  • Marketing Engagements & Branding

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